Our Customers and Industries

We have the capabilities, resources and certifications to meet the needs of our customers and emerging industries. Our state-of-the-art onshore facility has the flexibility to fulfil small and large orders quickly and at an affordable price.

Our success is no accident. It’s the result of a world-class team being committed to quality, service and innovation every single day. We develop collaborative partnerships with our customers and work together to manufacture cable and wire looms to their exact specifications at the highest level of quality which they have come to expect.  

Wiring Harness Manufacturer - connected cable assemblies


Our customers are manufacturers of:


Electrical control and protection systems

From residential to large-scale industrial applications, our cable assemblies and loom components are found in switchboards, switchgear and control panels across the country. Our customers are serious about safety and rely on us to manufacture parts to the highest quality standards to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the broader community.


Precision agriculture equipment

Agriculture is a high-tech industry today. This industry has turned to technology to overcome the multitude of challenges they face and to become more efficient and sustainable. This industry is on the cutting edge of technology embracing precision programmable irrigation, GPS equipped self-drive machinery, optical sensing technology and more. Our custom cable looms and wiring harnesses are in many of these types of product and we’re proud to be contributing to this industry and supporting Australian farmers.


Radio communication products

When working in remote areas and harsh environments with a dispersed team, being able to communicate is paramount for everyone’s safety. We’ve manufactured cable assemblies and wire harness components for customers who specialise in communication systems for underground mining, HF communication specialists and tactical radio providers.


Electronic products

So many everyday items now are electronic and contain cable harnesses and wire assemblies of some nature. We manufacture wire assemblies for customers who make a broad range of products including everything from voltage conversion products to security monitoring equipment to metal detection systems to digital signage. It’s mind-boggling to know that we contribute to personal safety products, colourful light displays, and so much more.


New and emerging technologies

We are proud to be helping our customers develop world-class electronic solutions to unique technology challenges. Innovation is in our DNA, and we love collaborating with our customers who are seeking technological answers to new problems. We’ve helped customers in various industrial applications to develop new technology solutions for their industries.

Our Customers

The people who trust us to deliver the highest quality cable harnesses and wire assemblies on time and on-budget include:

Schneider Electric - quality cable harnesses
Topcon Corporation - Agriculture custom wire assemblies
Redarc Electronics - 4WD custom wire looms
Codan - communications custom cable assemblies

… And more.

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