A leading Manufacturer of Custom Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses and Electrical Looms

We’ve been manufacturing cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for all types of businesses since 1979.

With humble beginnings in electrical-automotive components, we have grown and adapted for new industries and emerging technologies over the years.

Our operations remain entirely on-shore, and to this day, we continue to employ a highly-skilled local workforce that we can trust to deliver the best quality wiring solutions for our customers.

Industrial connector and cable for mining applications
cable assembly with braided sleeve for precision agriculture machinery
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Our customers are manufacturers of:

Communication products - cable assemblies and harnesses

Radio communication products

We manufacture cable assemblies and harnesses used in communication systems for underground mining environments and HF, satellite and tactical radio systems.

Vehicles RVs - custom wiring harnesses and looms for after-market accessories

Accessories for recreational vehicles

We make custom wiring harnesses and looms for all types of after-market accessories including gauges, sensors, spotlights, radio systems, reversing camera systems, antennas and solar upgrades.

Agriculture products - custom cable looms and wiring harnesses

Precision agriculture products

We provide custom cables looms and wiring harnesses for items such as GPS tracking systems, vehicle control systems and targeted nutrient release systems.

Electronics Products - cable harnesses and assemblies

Electronics products

Our cable harnesses and assemblies are in all sorts of electronic products including voltage conversion products, media and advertising displays, security monitoring and metal detection systems.

Control and Protection systems - cable assemblies and looms

Electrical control & protection systems

We produce cable assemblies and looms for switchboards, switchgear and control panels used in residential and commercial settings.

New Technology products - cable assemblies and cable looms

New technology products

We proudly support the development of new technologies by creating bespoke cable assemblies and cable looms for medical equipment and industrial applications.

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Why choose us?

With over forty years’ experience and Australian-based operations, you can be sure that you’ll receive the best in quality and service from us. 

Our mission is to be your trusted supply partner. We’re committed to building a collaborative relationship with you, our customer, so that you know you can rely on us to deliver the best quality wire assemblies.

Our highly skilled team has unparalleled knowledge, experience, and expertise across all types of industries, so we help you with the selection of the right materials & components for your project.

Custom Cable Assemblies

We manufacture all types of custom cable assemblies, looms, and harnesses. With our dedicated team and cutting-edge technology, we can help with your project; whether it be a simple request or a complex project requiring custom tooling. We can also help with material selection and provide swift prototyping to refine your design. Whatever type of cable assembly, wire harness, or electrical loom you need, we can help.

Our Services

We can help with more than just custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses. Our highly skilled manufacturing team is experienced in a variety of different techniques. Whatever you need, you’ve got someone who can do it.

Core Services


Electrical cable assemblies


Cable cutting and terminal crimping


Wire tinning (solder dipping)


Manual soldering to PCB’s or connectors


Flat ribbon cable assemblies


Electrical continuity testing


RoHS compliant products


Custom builds and componentry

Additional Services


Plastic injection moulding


Flexible PVC tube cutting


Product assembly services


Printed Labels & printed Heat Shrink Tubing


Rework of your product (we can fix the problem or amend to the new design level)

What you can expect from us

We aim to be a supply partner that you can rely on. We do this by building strong, collaborative relationships and providing the best customer service. We believe in honesty and transparency and welcome you to visit our manufacturing plant in Adelaide.

Exceptional and consistent customer service is the key to our success; just ask any of our long-standing customers. When you choose us, you can expect that we will:


Contact you to clarify your requirements


Deliver your products on time


Meet your quality expectations


Respond promptly to your enquiries

advanced wire and cable processing machine

Call us today to see how we can value-add to your next project and provide quality wire harnesses, electrical looms, and cable assemblies.