Core Wire Assembly Services

Over the years, our dedicated team has developed an exceptional depth of knowledge and level of experience that is unsurpassed in the manufacturing of high-quality cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electrical looms.

Terminated cables with protective sleeve - Wire Harness Assembly Services

We don’t just do cable assemblies. We help our customers with a variety of cable and wiring solutions, including:

Cable cutting and terminal crimping

We have been providing cable cutting and terminal crimping services to a broad range of industries for over forty years. Crimping provides a solderless electrical connection which is gas-tight, mechanically stronger, vibration resistant, and for small and large cross-section cables. We specialise in single wire crimp terminals, multi-pin connectors and coaxial connectors. Our crimps have been used in many industries, including communications, automotive, ag-tech, and whitegoods.

Wire tinning and solder dipping

Wire tinning protects electrical wiring from corrosion in harsh environments, particularly where high temperatures or water, exist. Tinning extends the life of wires by up to ten times, ensuring your products have a longer life. We have a long history of providing tinning services for customers in the marine, agricultural and various other industrial sectors. It’s just one of the processes we can undertake to ensure our (and your) products are of the highest standards.

Manual soldering to PCB’s or connectors

Our team of highly skilled IPC-certified manufacturing personnel are experienced in manual soldering techniques, including soldering onto printed circuit boards and connectors. These are precision skills, refined over many years, and we continually invest in our people and technology to ensure we can offer the best service. We work with customers in the communications and electronics sectors to help them provide high-tech products and solutions to their customers.

Flat ribbon cable assemblies

We have extensive experience in creating flat ribbon cable assemblies gained over many years. Flat ribbon cable assemblies are often used for conveying high-speed digital signals, for a more precise and fixed charge between connectors, and where space is limited. These designs are often complex and require advanced knowledge and experience to get them right. Our team have been building flat ribbon cables assemblies for over 40 years, culminating in an exceptional level of expertise and know-how.

Electrical continuity testing

Electrical continuity testing is important to ensure the safety and quality of wire harnesses and looms. There are instruments and tools to help with testing, but an adequate level of skill is required to ensure the testing is undertaken correctly. Our skilled manufacturing personnel rigorously test all of our cable assemblies before they leave our premises so that you can be sure you are receiving the best quality wire harnesses.

RoHS compliant products

RoHS standards restrict the use of specific hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products. All products sold to the EU market must meet these standards. We have been helping customers with RoHS compliance since 2006 and continue to comply with any changes in the standards. If you have customers in the EU market, we help you to meet the required standards.

Custom Builds

We specialise in customised electrical wiring solutions for anything from simple cut-stripped-terminated cables to complex cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electrical looms with many circuits and breakouts. We work with you to understand your requirements, help you choose the right materials and components and produce prototypes for testing. We’ve been helping businesses to innovate for over forty years, talk to us today to discuss your project.