Additional Services

It’s the little things that make all the difference to the quality and endurance of our products.

High-volume cable assembly sets - Custom Cable Assembly

Our capabilities extend beyond custom cable and wire assemblies to include plastic injection moulding, flexible PVC tube cutting, product assembly, cable and heat shrink printing.  Being able to provide these services to our customers ensures our final products and components are the best they can be.

Quality is something we take very seriously. We know that the longevity of your product may depend on the quality of our cable looms and wire harnesses. Having the capability to perform finishing services in-house means that we have full quality control over the entire process.

Our capabilities extend beyond the services listed below. Call us to discuss your requirements, it is likely we can help.

Plastic injection over moulding

We specialise in plastic injection over moulding of cables and connectors. Plastic injection over moulding protects and seals cables and connections. We undertake plastic injection over moulding within our facility so that we can ensure quality, offer fast turnaround times and fulfil small batches. Please be aware the cost of any associated tooling is to be covered by the customer.

Flexible PVC tube cutting

Flexible PVC tubing insulates cables to protect them from heat, moisture, oils, gas and dust in a variety of environments. Cutting flexible PVC tubing requires specialised tools to maintain the integrity of the material. We supply flexible PVC tubing in all standard sizes and can cut it to any length you require.

Product assembly services

We have the capability and facilities to build, assemble and test your product. Our skilled manufacturing personnel can do all types of mechanical assembly, internal wiring looms and power harnesses.

Printed labels & printed heat shrink tubing

Labelling wires correctly from the beginning is important to ensure safety and to make replacement easier in the future. We have the latest printing technology which allows us to print, mark or label your product with text, barcodes, logos and more. All printing services are of the best quality to ensure your labels are legible and durable to stand the test of time.

Rework your product

Whether you want to eliminate issues, add features or enhance your products performance, our highly skilled team can help. With unparalleled knowledge and manufacturing experience we will collaborate with you to rework your product to your specifications. Our scalable systems allow us to easily run tests and produce prototypes before moving onto full production volumes. Combined with our superior custom cable and wire assembly service, we offer a complete end to end service.