Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses
& Wiring Looms

We have been supporting industry and manufacturing in Australia with custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for over 40 years.

wiring harness production on layup board - cable assemblies

Your trusted supply partner

All types of businesses have been relying on us for the highest quality cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and wiring looms, all with the best customer service for over forty years. Our customers come from all over Australia and all types of industries. We have made custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and wiring looms for everything from precision agricultural equipment to underground communications systems, to digital signage and much, much more.

Wiring Solutions define these three products as: 

Cable Assemblies

A group of wires or cables bound into a single thick strand by a rubber, vinyl or thermoplastic protective cover. They look like one thick cable and are quite durable, with several wires function separately inside the outer coating.

Wire Harnesses

This is a method of organisation that avoids separate wires running messily by grouping them with terminals or connector housings at the ends. These are best suited for sealed or indoor environments and applications.

Wiring Looms

Generally used to simplify product assembly, they are complete wiring systems that make harnesses into a single system of wires, terminations, connectors, and other components.

We specialise in custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and wiring looms for just about any application you can imagine. Whether you need a simple solution or a complex and unique cable or wiring assembly, we can help. We provide fit for purpose solutions to help you to make a top-quality product – whatever that may be.

Our manufacturing facilities are entirely onshore, ensuring the highest quality and efficient delivery. We make doing business easy, nothing is lost in translation and we’ll be here to answer your phone calls during your business hours.

Experience the difference of having a supply partner you can rely on for quality workmanship, efficiency and superior customer service. Contact us today.


Our custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and wiring looms services includes the design and manufacture of these items for data and power applications as well as sub-assemblies and componentry. We can manufacture according to your specifications, or if you’re in still the design stage, we can help you find the right solution with swift prototyping, testing and expert advice.

We are equipped to handle all types of projects, including ones that may require specialised or custom tooling. Our highly skilled team have the experience and knowledge required to develop innovative and robust solutions.

No matter what type of cable assembly, wire harness, or wiring loom you need, we can help.


Flat ribbon cable assemblies


Wire tinning


Cable crimping


Custom electromechanical harnesses


Coaxial harnesses


RF cable assemblies


Multi-conductor cables


Single wire crimp terminals


Multi-pin connectors


Our reputation for exceptional quality and superior customer service is no accident. It’s the result of a team committed to delivering their very best, every time. We believe in taking a collaborative approach with you to ensure we fully understand your requirements, and nothing is lost in translation.

We continually invest in our people, facility, and equipment to ensure we have the latest technology and are ISO 9001 certified. Our commitment to quality ensures we can consistently deliver cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and wiring looms that last the life of your product and meet regulatory requirements.

Our highly skilled team of manufacturing personnel have a depth of knowledge and experience that can only be accumulated over many years. Based in Adelaide, we are committed to on-going development in this constantly evolving industry.

To ensure the quality of our cable assemblies we:

Have obtained third party ISO 9001 certification in Quality Management System
Use calibrated equipment to test crimp strength and quality
Ensure soldering processes are only performed by operators certified to standard J-STD-001 (modules 1-5)
Use computerised cable-scanning technology to conduct continuity testing of Cable Assemblies
Use joint IPC/WHMA publication IPC/WHMA-A-620 “Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies” for guidance when assessing the quality of manufactured products