Automated Production Tracking

As part of our 2-year strategy, we have just implemented a web-based production tracking system. Our operators are able to select the next job to be worked on via a mobile device in accordance with the manufacturing schedule. Supervisory staff & the scheduling team are able to view the status of orders via a PC or mobile device, including, the master display screen located in the production planning office. The benefits are many including higher visibility of production, increased efficiency, a greater level of on-time deliveries. Thank you to our IT service providers in helping us deliver this project as we strive for process automation while allowing for human intervention whenever needed!

Photo showing the main tracking screen
Main tracking screen

New system management software

As part of our commitment to continual improvement we have just acquired the JLB TrackPlus Management System Compliance Software. The software will enable us to centralise the documents, procedures & SOP’s used by our quality management system & help us register, track and analyse critical system data such as non-conformance events, corrective actions, business improvement plans, employee training & positive feedback. For more information visit