Coaxial & RF Cable Assemblies

Custom cable assembly supplier Wiring Solutions can offer you a range of Coaxial & RF Connector cable assemblies. Following the cutting to length of the coaxial cable, the cable ends are processed using specialised Coaxial Cable Processing Equipment such as the bench top MP257 processing machine by Schleuniger. Contact us for all your Coaxial & RF cable requirements.

Photo of custom coaxial cable assembly
Custom coaxial cable assembly
Photo of Schleuniger MP257 Cable Processor
MP257 Coax Cable Processor by Schleuniger




Soldering of Cables & Assemblies

Wiring Solutions offers a range of soldering services performed by highly skilled staff.  Leaded solder is available as well as lead-free solder as part of RoHS compliance. We offer tin solder dipping of cable conductors & attachment of cables & cable assemblies to electrical components such as connectors & PCB’s. Our equipment includes Solder Pots, Magnified Viewing Equipment and Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Photo showing wires attached to Connector via solder
Wires soldered to D-Type Connector

Continuity Testing of Cable Assemblies

Wiring Solutions uses cable-scanning-technology to ensure your cable assemblies are correctly wired and fault free. To do this we utilise purpose-built computerised scanning testing equipment such as the WK-140 by Weetech Inc (pictured below). The WK-140 is a low voltage cable test unit that not only checks the continuity of the cable assembly, but can also check for the presence and correct function of resistors, capacitors & diodes. Contact us today to discuss your cable assembly testing requirements.

Photo of the WK-140 Test Unit
WK-140 Cable Tester

Wire & Cable Processing Machinery

At Wiring Solutions we have an extensive range of wire and cable processing machinery. We have the right equipment to deliver high quality wiring harnesses, looms & cable assemblies to our customers. Machine capabilities include automatic cut/strip, cut/strip/crimp & cable coiling.

Our cable processing machine range:

  • Artos models CS23, CS36, CS4 & CS9
  • Komax models Kappa, Gamma 311 & Gamma 333 PC
  • Schleuniger models Ecostrip 9300, Multistrip 9480 & Powerstrip 9550.

These cable processing machines enable us to efficiently manufacture wiring & cable assemblies  of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Photo of Schleuniger Powerstrip 9550 cable processing machine
The versatile Powerstrip 9550 by Schleuniger