Soldering of Cables & Assemblies

Wiring Solutions offers a range of soldering services performed by highly skilled staff.  Leaded solder is available as well as lead-free solder as part of RoHS compliance. We offer tin solder dipping of cable conductors & attachment of cables & cable assemblies to electrical components such as connectors & PCB’s. Our equipment includes Solder Pots, Magnified Viewing Equipment and Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Photo showing wires attached to Connector via solder
Wires soldered to D-Type Connector

Soldered Wiring Assemblies

We offer a range of soldering services such as PCB loading, through-hole soldering and soldering to contacts on D-Type & Military-style Connectors. Both leaded and lead-free soldering services are available. We have the equipment & staff to ensure your product specifications are achieved. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.

Cables soldered to PCB Assembly
Cables soldered to PCB Assembly
Wires attached to Connector through soldering
Soldered Connector Assembly

Packaged Wiring Looms

Wiring Solutions can package and label your Wiring Looms to suit your requirements. We have a range of bag types and sizes in stock. Resealable and heat-sealed bags are available. We can produce product and bag labels in-house using computer software application and thermal printers. Labels can contain any information you like such as product part number, product revision level and bar-coding. Contact Us

Example of a packaged wiring loom
Example of a packaged wiring loom

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