Control Box Wiring

Custom cable & wiring assembly manufacturer Wiring Solutions can supply your control box wiring requirements. We use only quality materials with all work performed in our facility in Adelaide, South Australia. Some of the advantages of choosing our wiring products include:

  • ISO 9001 certified quality management system
  • quality materials & components
  • soldering services (lead & lead-free)
  • continuity testing using computerised test equipment
  • produced in Australia
  • family run business (est. 1979)

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Image showing internal cables of a control box
Internal view of control box wiring


Product Rework & Repair Services

At Wiring Solutions we not only produce high-quality cable & wiring assemblies, we can also rework/repair assemblies you have bought elsewhere. This can be helpful when it is not cost-effective (or possible) to send faulty products back to the original supplier or, you simply want to modify the stock you have to a different design.  We can help you save time and money. Contact us today to discuss your product rework requirements.

Industrial Cable Assemblies

Cable assembly solutions provider Wiring Solutions manufactures custom cable assemblies for industrial & automation applications. The example shown below is for one of our customers. The cables, including a data cable, have been fitted to steel-reinforced rubber hosing.  To ensure what we make is of the highest quality, all assemblies are produced in-house at our facility in Adelaide, Australia. We supply customers both interstate & in overseas locations such as Asia & North America. Contact Wiring Solutions today to discuss your product requirements.

Photo of cables fitted to industrial strength rubber hose
Industrial Cable Assembly

Switchboard Cable Sets

Cable assembly solutions provider Wiring Solutions can supply complete cable sets such as those used in switchboard manufacturing. Customer designs are converted to internal manufacturing documentation ( example linked below) to ensure the cable sets they produce meet specification and, importantly, the results are repeatable during production of future orders (product repeatability). Wiring Solutions can help you increase your cost competitiveness by providing you with access to production labour costs which are substantially lower than that incurred when using electricians and engineering technicians to produce cable sets.  Save time and save money, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Example of Switchboard Cable Sets documentation.