The road trip is a popular holiday format for many Australians. The simplicity of packing up the car, hitting the road and getting among the great outdoors is very appealing, and the wide blue yonder has so much to offer. 

These days more people are forgoing a fixed lifestyle to enjoy something more mobile. With connectivity like never before and more flexibility to work from the road, the van life or grey nomad lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to the wide-open roads, there are hundreds of outback 4wd routes that will take you through remote deserts, rugged mountain ranges, and swaths of grassland. It pays to have a fully equipped vehicle when you are heading into the remote wilderness.What does adventure touring have to do with Wiring Solutions? We manufacture custom wiring harnesses and looms for all types of aftermarket accessories, including gauges, sensors, spotlights, radio systems, reversing camera systems, antennas and solar upgrades. We work with some of Australia’s biggest accessories manufacturers to help Australians prepare for their ultimate road trip adventure

Solar Solutions

Solar was once a luxury for campers, but it is quickly becoming commonplace in almost any van, 4wd or camper. An efficient solar setup means you can spend more time off the beaten track and less time tethered to powered campsites. 

Whether you use fixed panels, portable panels or solar blankets, they all need to be connected with some sort of wiring loom. That’s where we come in. We are experienced in manufacturing wiring looms for solar accessory manufacturers so you can top up your auxiliary battery, keep your devices and camera gear charged and even create hot water for your morning shower.

Spotlights and Driving Lights

For many people, spotlights or driving lights are a mandatory addition to the front of any recreational vehicle. Good night vision is essential when you are driving long distances off the beaten track. Poor visibility wears out drivers faster than any other factor, so a reliable light setup is critical for touring. You’ll find our wiring looms in many of the custom driving light setups for recreational vehicles and trucks available on the market.

Reversing Camera Systems

Reversing cameras are a vital gadget for any recreational vehicle or caravan. Rear visibility in four-wheel drives, utes, trucks, and caravans is often limited, and it can be very difficult to see everything you need to see with a simple head check. Reversing cameras increase your field of view behind the vehicle, making reversing safer and easier. 

With the right know-how, reversing cameras can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle now. We manufacture cable harnesses and looms to help with the seamless installation of aftermarket reversing cameras in all kinds of vehicles, including four-wheel drives, trucks, utes and caravans.

Radio Communications

When you’re out touring and 4WD’ing, a UHF radio is an essential bit of kit. The Australian outback is so vast, and mobile phone coverage is limited in many of the best adventure spots, so radio communications open up a world of communications on the track.

Radio communications help you keep in touch with your convoy, share information about road conditions with other drivers and make sure you can call for help if you need it. Many of the UHF units and handsets on the market contain wiring looms manufactured in our facility in Adelaide. We’re pleased to be helping adventurers stay connected and informed about the road ahead.

Gauges and Sensors

The inner workings of a customised off-road vehicle are a finely balanced symphony of fire, explosions and whirring. If one explosion, bang or whir is out of sync, it can be disastrous or at least inconvenient. Fully-equipped off-road vehicles often have a range of gauges and sensors installed, so the driver knows what’s happening under the hood at all times. We manufacture wire looms and harnesses that are integrated into gauges and sensors that measure coolant temperature, exhaust gas temperature, oil pressure, transmission fluid, boost and more.

If you manufacture accessories for recreational vehicles and need a custom wiring solution for your latest product, we’d love to talk. Get in touch with us by calling (08) 8234 2670, use our Contact page, or emailing