Here at Wiring Solutions, we have a rich history in supporting innovation and new product design. Our industry-leading capabilities, exceptional knowledge and ability to quickly prototype wire harnesses helps our clients to refine the electronic components of their design. Once a cable harness prototype has been tested and proven, we can quickly scale up manufacturing to meet their production requirements.

We are very proud to be supporting South Australian innovators HYDI by supplying the wire harnesses for their hydrogen on-demand fuel system for diesel engines. The retrofit device uses demineralised water and low-voltage electricity from the vehicle’s electrical system to produce hydrogen and deliver it to the diesel engines air intake. This powerful combination reduces fuel consumption, carbon and greenhouse gas exhaust emissions and increases performance.

This ground-breaking innovation delivers significant economic and environmental benefits for businesses that rely on diesel engines. It helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint, reduce fuel costs and prolong the life of diesel-powered engines.

An independent study by the University of South Australia last year found the HYDI device reduced diesel consumption between 5 and 13 per cent, lowered diesel particulate matter emissions by 25 to 80 percent and removed 7 to 25 percent of carbon monoxide.

Hydrogen, with three times the energy of diesel, is volatile and past attempts to harness it have failed because of safety, space and weight constraints. However, the chemical-free nature and low power draw of the HYDI system make it safe. Other hydrogen systems on the market used electrolytes or alkaline solutions that were potentially volatile and raised safety concerns.

The compact HYDI system is designed to retrofit to large diesel engines, introducing hydrogen into the air-fuel mixture just on combustion. It fits into heavy industrial diesel combustion engines, with the units varying in size depending on the engine capacity they are serving. The system connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth to provide real-time data about performance.

The HYDI system has been deployed in heavy transport, mining, agriculture and marine applications around the world. It is wholly designed and manufactured in South Australia, and with demand increasing, it will create new employment opportunities in the state.

We always enjoy working with like-minded innovators, and HYDI is no exception. We share a commitment to innovation, quality and local manufacturing to solve a global problem. We are pleased to provide industry-leading wiring capabilities to help them achieve their vision.

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