What is Precision Agriculture?

Agriculture is, by its very nature, variable. Rural landscapes can be flat or hilly, there are various soil types, and environmental inputs, like rain and temperatures, are becoming increasingly variable.

These landscape and environmental variations lead to variable productivity. Precision agriculture uses technologies like GPS, geographical information systems, and soil sensors and yield monitors to give growers more control over production. Using real-time data, farmers can produce higher, better quality yields while using less.

So, what does precision agriculture have to do with Wiring Solutions? Well, we manufacture wiring components and sensors for organisations that make agricultural guidance systems, soil moisture management systems and nutrient application and delivery systems, just to name a few.

Soil Moisture Management

Water management is an essential ingredient to successful crop production. Precision agriculture technology makes it easy with their specialised soil moisture management technology. Data from soil sensors help farmers ensure crops have enough water at the right time without wasting a single drop. We manufacture wiring components to carry signals to and from the soil moisture sensors and provide valuable data to farmers. This technology is used by avocado growers in Queensland through to grape growers in South Australia.

Nutrient Application and Delivery

Efficiency is important on a 4000ha farm. Precision agriculture technology helps crop growers be more efficient and produce higher quality crops with custom made systems to fertilise and protect their crops. We manufacture wiring components for equipment that ensures precise application rates and increase the efficient application of liquid nutrients to crops.

Agricultural Guidance Systems

Agricultural GPS guidance systems use satellite technology to help with tractor guidance, field mapping, precision spraying and nutrient application control. Aftermarket guidance systems are fitted to tractors or farm machinery and usually consist of a GPS receiver, navigation touchscreen and self-driving equipment. These systems help farmers to drive in parallel lines, work in low visibility and keep crop records. We manufacture the wiring looms that connect to machine sensors and components that send and receive messages to keep the farmers on track.

Wiring Solutions and Precision Agriculture

We’re proud to be part of an industry that helps farmers overcome the challenges of food production. The information gathered from precision agriculture equipment can also help address sustainability issues by optimising profitability in the productive parts of the landscape while conserving biodiversity and the natural resource base in less productive regions. Who would’ve thought that our cable assemblies and wiring looms could drive a
tractor or tell a farmer when to water their orchard? We did.

If you need a problem solved with a custom cable or wiring assembly, get in touch. Get in touch with Wiring Solutions. You can do this by phoning (08) 8234 2670. There is also an option of email Wiring Solutions using enquiries@wiringsolutions.com.au.