Terminal crimping offers a number of benefits to any given system. For you to enjoy these benefits, however, you’ll need to do it right. Doing it right includes using the right tools. That said this post looks at some of the benefits of using the right tools in terminal crimping. 

Terminal Crimping Brief

When it comes to matters electrical assembly, nothing beats terminal crimping. This electrical process basically involves the act of inserting a wire that’s stripped into a wire barrel, a short metal tube. Once inside the wire barrel, a crimping tool is used to compress it. The compression is usually tightly around the strands of the stripped wire in use. Once this is all done, one is left with a part that’s easy to work with. As you can tell with these simple steps, the process is very simple. In fact, you won’t have to use heat, flux or even soldering when carrying out this process. Furthermore, it doesn’t take too much time to complete.

Despite its simplicity, however, it is important that you carry out a terminal crimping process the right way. Sadly, however, many in the industry don’t factor this in when doing crimping. In fact, many think that they can use just about any tool when crimping a terminal. This is more-so true if they end up with an okay terminal. As a result of this mindset, they do end up risking the integrity of their crimped products. In other words, their crimped products fail to meet certification, safety and performance requirements.

While it might sound complicated, getting it right with terminal crimping is not that difficult. In fact, you can take up certain steps to make sure you have a productive terminal crimping process. While there are a number of steps, none is as important as using the right tool. In fact, using the right tool in any given crimping process is very important. To help show you just how important, below you’ll find details on why using the right tool during terminal crimping is important.

Importance of Using The Right Tools

When thinking of carrying out a terminal crimping process, keep in mind that it’s a very carefully engineered process. Given this fact, always ensure that you not only carry out every step with extra care but also use the right tools. The slightest of errors, this also includes the use of bad tools, in terminal crimping can result in numerous problems. These problems usually range from electrical to physical and can be very severe.

For starters, if a crimp doesn’t form properly into a homogeneous metal, mainly due to use of poor tools, the electric connection it’s meant for tends to experience high electrical failure or/and resistance. Even worse, when exposed to minor stresses, the physical connection created can easily break. In the event that this happens, a product can fail or malfunction. This, in turn, will result in damages, unwanted repairs, litigation or sometimes injuries.

While you can look at these as reasons for using the right tools, two stand out the most. These two are;

  • Cost
  • Performance


Getting the right performance in terminal crimping involves getting a number of things right. Not to worry though as a number of these things come down to using the right tools. For starters, you want to make sure that you get the right measurements. When using poor tools, the chances of getting the wrong measurements are very high.

You are likely to have a crimped component with a crimp height that’s too high. You can as well get a crimped component with crimp height too close. In the event you get wrong measurements, you’ll end up impacting performance greatly of a crimped component. It’s not just measurements, incorrectly matching terminals and crimp tooling also affects performance.


If you are keen on saving on cost, you’ll want to make sure that you use the right tools. How will using the right tools help you save on cost? Well, by using the right terminal crimping tools, you’ll increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. This, in turn, results in crimped products that work as expected without any issues.

Terminal crimping processes carried out using wrong poor tools are not that efficient. The end product usually has a number of defects and failures. Given this fact, they might end up being scrap forcing the entire process to be repeated. In the event products are already in the market, a recall is usually required. This, as you can tell, is sure to cost a lot. All of these scenarios lead to an increase in cost.

As you can tell, using the right tool in terminal crimping is very important. Given that there is a variety of crimping, it is important to seek the services of an expert. One such expert is Wiring Solutions. Get in touch with Wiring Solutions Plus for all your terminal crimping solutions. Do this by phoning (08) 8234 2670. You can also email us using enquiries@wiringsolutions.com.au.